No Eco Town

No Eco Town


General Questions

  1. What will happen on our already crowded roads?

    There will be increased traffic congestion, imagine Tregonissey crossroads with an extra 5000 vehicles, particularly during rush hours at 9.00am, 3.00 and 5.00pm!

  2. What is meant by affordable?

    Not affordable for most local people as affordable only means 10% less than current market value.

    2500 new homes will mean an increase in population in excess of 5000. Houses built from 2016 will, by law, have to be carbon neutral anyway.

  3. Where will everyone work?

    Lack of employment oppurtunities already exists.

  4. What will happen to local flora and fauna?

    Both these sites are important wildlife areas containing some rare and endangered flora and fauna. This project will cause devastation to important wildlife habitats.

  5. What will happen to the villages surrounding West Carclaze and Baal?

    Destruction of the way of life of villages surrounding the area. These will be swamped by this development.

  6. Who will live in it?

    The last Census of St. Austell showed a population of 22,568. The 5,500 houses Eco-Bos (an Egyptian/French collaboration) proposed to build will bring the total to approximately 40,000 over all the sites. Rest assured that the majority of people who move to theses towns would not be from St. Austell

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